Cryogenic applications
Efficient solutions for your cryogenic applications Flexible, continuous, vacuum-insulated.
Flexible, continuous, vacuum-insulated.

Flexible pipe systems for your cryogenic applications

Our cryogenic pipe systems are based on our high quality and flexible stainless steel corrugated pipes.

Vacuum isolated
Our cryogenic pipe systems are vacuum insulated and come with a high quality "super insulation" (vacuum + insulation material).

The cryogenic pipe systems are pre-assembled in the factory. This means they are brought to the appropriate length, the connections are welded and tested, the vacuum is created. "Ready to use"!

How are cryogenic media such as LNG used in industry?

Cryogenic media such as LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) are used in a variety of ways in industry. LNG is often used as a fuel in heavy-duty vehicles and ships because it has a higher energy density and produces fewer emissions than diesel fuel. It is also used as a fuel for power plants and to generate steam and heat in industry. In addition, cryogenic media such as liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen are used to cool machinery and equipment and to store materials that must be kept at low temperatures, such as biological samples or food. Cryogens can also be used in the manufacture of semiconductors and other electronic components to control temperature and improve product quality.