BRUGG fermenter heater system package
Efficient heating of biogas plants. The BIOFLEX fermenter heater.
The BIOFLEX fermenter heater.

BIOFLEX fermenter heater

BRUGG fermenter heater system package

To ensure that heat is transferred as effectively as possible to the substrate in the fermenter, the BIOFLEX CNW 60/66 (DN 50) corrugated pipe is fixed to the wall of the fermenter in one or several heating circuits.

In addition to our BIOFLEX CNW 60/66 corrugated pipe, the system package also includes the GRAPA connection system, the required wall bushings plus seals and the special brackets for securing the pipe.

Simple and effective

With its enlarged surface area, the BIOFLEX achieves up to 50% more direct heat transmission than smooth pipes. The pipe is laid in the fermenter in one piece; no welding work or special tools are required for the connection system. Installation is possible without connecting pieces. It can be easily adapted to the fermenter geometry and is suitable for both concrete and steel tanks. An installation set with all of the necessary brackets, screws, etc., is supplied if required.

External connection system

To connect the corrugated stainless steel pipe outside the fermenter with the weld-free graphite GRAPA connector, the corrugated pipe is fed through the wall through a protective pipe at a low bending radius. This means that there is no joint in the fermenter.

Internal connection system

When the connection system is on the inside, the corrugated stainless steel pipe is connected to a rigid pipe with the weld-free graphite GRAPA connector. This is then fed outside through the fermenter wall via a wall bushing.