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SECON-X – flexible fuel pipe with monitoring

SECON-X® was designed specifically as a double-walled pipe system for underground fuel pipes in filling stations.

Quick and simple laying without welding work, quick completion and the shortest possible downtimes during retrofitting work – these are just a few of the key advantages of SECON-X®.

Operating pressure: PN 10
Dimensions: DN 25–100
Carrier pipe: Stainless steel

Suction pipes, pressure pipes, filling pipes. Can be used as a vapour recovery pipe or vapour return pipe at any time.

SECON-X® is made up of a flexible, corrugated inner pipe made from stainless steel, material no. 1.4404. The geometry of the helically corrugated inner pipe – together with the PE casing – creates a circumferential, continuous channel, which prevents the medium from leaking out impermissibly and therefore contamination in the event of damage. This interstitial space can also be used to check the pressure or to monitor leakages.

As SECON-X® is made from corrosion-resistant material, there is no need for additional cathodic corrosion protection.

Product range

 DiameterDimensions Bending radiusWeightVolume
  mmmm    mmkg/mdm³/m
SEC 25253044300,870,8
SEC 40404865361,702,0
SEC 50506077402,103,0
SEC 10010098124804,58,4