INDUCON fusion coupler Safe and reliable for post-insulation
Safe and reliable for post-insulation

INDUCON – Our patented and unique PE coupler welding process for watertight, high-strength and durable connections in your district heating network!


A district heating network consists of numerous steel pipe sections welded together. Each steel pipe connection must be 100% sealed with a PE coupler so that no moisture can penetrate from either the inside or the outside.

A metal band is mounted between the PE casing pipe and the PE coupler and is heated via induction without making contact and without additional heating or measuring cables. This melts the PE plastic exactly where the connection between the casing pipe and the coupler should be. The PE casing pipe and PE coupler melt (firmly bonded) to form a single unit, and without any additional adhesive or sealing material.

This weld seam is absolutely safe, homogeneous, watertight and high-strength. It also reduces maintenance costs for the operator in the long term. It is also very well suited for extreme ambient conditions with high humidity and/or high mechanical loads.

Our professional installation team works day after day with INDUCON. BRUGG Pipes guarantees you a safe and long-lasting connection.

Protect your investment with INDUCON from BRUGG Pipes!

  • INDUCON test certificate according to EN489-1:2019

    The test certificate states that connections with the couplers from BRUGG Pipes:

    • Are waterproof
    • Are able to withstand the longitudinal forces caused by the longitudinal movement of the pipe in the ground
    • Are able to withstand radial forces and bending torques
    • Are able to withstand effects of temperatures and temperature fluctuations


    INDUCON (induction-welded coupler)