Pipe systems for data centers We ensure the integrity of data centers. For trouble-free, reliable and efficient operation.
We ensure the integrity of data centers. For trouble-free, reliable and efficient operation.

Safe transport of Data Center Liquid Medium

Experience and Expertise

With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, BRUGG Pipes are the world leader in the safe transport of flammable and environmentally hazardous liquid mediums. Our double-walled piping solutions are used by contractors and engineers in data centers around the world. 

Such reliable piping systems are critical to the operation of data centers to ensure the safe and efficient transport of liquid mediums that are required for cooling and power generation.

pipe systems in data center
data center pipesystem

Leading piping systems for data centers

A successful data center facility is largely dependent on a secure piping infrastructure capable of reducing failures to a minimum. Our stainless steel piping solutions for backup generators fuel supply and liquid cooling systems are the result of years of experience and numerous data center projects. Optimized down to the last detail, BRUGG Pipes systems can be equipped with permanent leak monitoring to ensure additional fault redundancy before failure to critical systems.

A correspondingly careful selection of such specially designed, system-tested pipelines is therefore a decisive criterion for the permanently trouble-free operation of a data center.

TÜV and UL-certified pipe systems for data centers

In today's digital world, data centers represent a critical infrastructure that, regardless of their size and type, must ensure permanent, failure-free operation. This requires system components and reliable piping infrastructure. At the same time, energy efficiency plays an equally important role today more than ever. The demands on the quality and performance of the installed pipe systems are correspondingly high.

This is where the state-of-the-art piping systems from BRUGG Pipes take effect. The pipe systems have been optimized down to the last detail for maximum efficiency. For fast installation and safe, economical operation of data centers. BRUGG Pipes systems are TÜV, UL 1369 and UL 971a (USA) certified for use above and below applications.

Your data center project in good hands

The construction of a data center is typically the largest investment a company will make, both in terms of capital and operating costs. Based on this premise and building on our extensive experience from numerous data center projects, our customer-specific solutions always meet the strict requirements of mission critical infrastructures. With BRUGG Pipes systems, we ensure the highest quality standards for every project.

This is why market-leading data center operators in Europe (e.g. Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Sweden) and Asia (Singapore) rely on this.

BRUGG Pipes is a partner of the German Datacenter Association


More information about our data center pipe systems

Why pipe systems for data centers from BRUGG Pipes?

As a specialist in pipe systems and a pioneer in infrastructure, we are pursuing a clear goal. We want to be the best partner for your data center project. Namely in the product segments that we completely control. With a specialized team that has in-depth expertise and knowledge of the industry.

From advice on laying to project management and assembly with our own staff, we are your reliable and competent partner for double-walled fuel lines to supply emergency power generators or leak-monitored cooling water lines.

We look forward to your inquiry.