The CASAFLEX district heating pipe For high pressures and temperatures.
For high pressures and temperatures.

CASAFLEX district heating pipeline: flexible, self-compensating, self-venting

The CASAFLEX district heating pipe with stainless steel inner pipes is a thermally insulated, flexible and continuous pipe system for high temperatures and operating pressures.

Why opt for a CASAFLEX district heating pipe?

  • Flexible

    Matched to requirements and flexible in use. Flexible when it comes to laying – obstacles can be avoided with ease. Implement narrow bending and winding radii without wrinkling or detaching the PE casing from the insulating foam thanks to corrugated outer casing.

  • Efficient

    Keep to ambitious schedules cost-effectively. The planning and construction management work required is minimal. Smaller trenches together with longer delivery lengths keep the costs in check.

  • Simple

    Planned simply and proficiently, implemented swiftly. Statics under control thanks to the self-compensating pipe. Fewer underground connections. Simple connection system cuts installation time.

  • Reliable

    The original – used successfully for many years. The very best quality delivered. Simple, reliable and long-lasting product solutions.

  • Expert

    Advice and innovation based on long-standing experience, needs-based, individual advice, patented connection and monitoring system. This all increases your security of supply.