FLEXSTAR – The new star in the heating universe Reliable, flexible and extremely rugged
Reliable, flexible and extremely rugged
The new star in the heating universe FLEXSTAR. BE FLEXIBLE. BE A STAR.

FLEXSTAR – The highly flexible and efficient heat pump pipe

Our innovative FLEXSTAR low-temperature system is a pre-insulated pipe system that, thanks to our patented production process, is highly flexible yet also extremely rugged. FLEXSTAR pipes are ideal for connecting to heat pumps and for use in local heating networks. Should you choose our efficient heat pump pipe, you will naturally benefit from the comprehensive BRUGG Pipes service – we will assist you when planning your project and deliver the corresponding products exactly where they are needed via our worldwide distribution network. We will also match the pipe lengths or sets exactly to your needs, including accessories and fittings.

We manufacture our pipes in accordance with the EN 15632-2 standard; our entire product range complies with the ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 quality standards. But that’s not enough for us: as a leading manufacturer, we don’t simply meet standards; we set new benchmarks. That’s why our BRUGG Pipes products are renowned for their first-class Swiss Quality.

We will be happy to explain more about our components and other product groups at our product training sessions. If you have any questions or open maintenance/servicing orders, feel free to contact our worldwide support service at any time.

We offer FLEXSTAR UNO (one carrier pipe) and FLEXSTAR DUO (two carrier pipes) as a compact ring in standardised lengths or as heat pump sets including accessories. For customers in Germany, only our compact ring is available for delivery. In addition to the selected pipe, the heat pump set contains screw connections, shrink-on end caps, a sealing ring and a route warning tape.

Maximum flexibility with efficient heat output

The FLEXSTAR low-temperature system is optimally pre-insulated thanks to the use of PUR foam. It achieves a lambda value of 0.024 W/m*K thanks to our high-quality insulation made from CP-blown high-pressure foam. This value is 40 per cent lower than the lambda value of conventional PE insulation. PE-Xa, the highly flexible, corrosion-resistant and chemically resistant material from which we manufacture the carrier pipe, allows extremely tight bending radii during installation. Nevertheless, the pipe connections within local heat networks and the FLEXSTAR/heat pump connections exhibit exceptional strength and resilience.

The unique properties of our heat pump pipe

FLEXSTAR is heat-resistant and designed for a maximum operating temperature of 95 degrees Celsius (fluctuating). This pipe solution can also withstand a maximum pressure of PN 6. While the UV-resistant outer pipe consists of a flexible LLD-PE protective casing, the carrier pipe is made of PEXa, a type of specially processed polyethylene. The material exhibits excellent thermal and mechanical properties, offering remarkable resistance against corrosion, pressure, chemical influences, embrittlement and abrasion. 

The pipes comply with DIN 16892/93 and feature an EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier in accordance with DIN 4726. The use of an oxygen diffusion barrier makes sense in several respects. It prevents corrosion on metallic components, at connections and inside the heating system. At the same time, it contributes to the efficiency of the pipe system by preventing deposits in the pipe and optimising heat transfer. Our pre-insulated heat pump pipe is available as a single or double pipe in various nominal widths: FLEXSTAR UNO from DN 20–50, FLEXSTAR DUO from DN 20–40. Thanks to the pipe’s physical properties in conjunction with the PUR composite insulation (CFC-free polyurethane foam blown with cyclopentane), installation can be carried out without the need to account for thermal expansion. The pipe system regulates abrupt temperature fluctuations independently; no compensators or equalisers are required. The trench profile, including dimensions for two or four FLEXSTAR pipes with various diameters, is available in our brochure for your reference.

Composite system in accordance with DIN EN 15632-2

FLEXSTAR is a composite system in accordance with DIN EN 15632-2. This means the inner pipe forms an inseparable unit together with the PUR insulation foam, which is impermeable to air and prevents CO2 emissions. By contrast, in non-composite systems the insulation typically consists of multiple individual components. This poses the risk of the liquid or gaseous medium escaping from the inner pipe and penetrating into the insulation layer. Infiltration from the outside can also harm the system and reduce the potential operational lifespan of non-composite systems – weak points you simply won’t find with FLEXSTAR.

No water ingress or leakage: longitudinal water tightness in accordance with DIN EN 15632-2

Thanks to its design as a low-temperature composite system, FLEXSTAR is optimally protected against moisture penetration. Should the outer casing be damaged, resulting in a leak, the longitudinal water tightness to DIN EN 15632-2 prevents water from the surrounding soil from seeping through the insulation and affecting the integrity of the inner pipe. The impermeable PUR foam plays a major role in ensuring this exceptional degree of protection. This longitudinal water tightness not only makes the product much more durable overall, but also guarantees dry cellars and living spaces.

Use cases for our heat pump pipe used

Do you want to efficiently heat your building with a heat pump (air/water heat pump)? What kind of heating system warms the building where you work? FLEXSTAR is suitable for a variety of applications and installations, whether as a heat pump pipe, a connecting pipe to a local district heating network, for house-to-house connections, or for renovations. The reason: FLEXSTAR makes house penetrations incredibly simple. Thanks to its small winding radii, outdoor installation is possible in the tightest of spaces and without house entry bends. An additional benefit lies in our innovative connection technology, which removes the necessity for welding, streamlining the installation process. The extended delivery lengths allow the pipe to be laid in the ground with minimal joints. As a result, the trench can be significantly narrower. This provides numerous advantages, particularly during excavation work. This is especially true for DUO pipelines.

FLEXSTAR is an efficient heat pump conduit

Heat pump pipes are essential for modern heating systems, which are designed to conserve resources while efficiently keeping buildings warm and comfortable. Heat pumps derive 100% of their heat from the environment, eliminating the need for fossil fuels or other heat sources. This distinguishes heat pumps apart from all other domestic heating systems.

Heat pumps work most efficiently if the temperature differences between the source and target heat source are minimal. That’s why choosing the right heat pump pipe is crucial. These pipes must be capable of efficiently transferring heat without causing significant energy losses. 

By using an actual project as a reference, we have calculated the specific performance values for FLEXSTAR in conjunction with heat pumps. Our calculation has shown that, with a realistic average usage of 8,600 hours per year over a thirty-year service life, FLEXSTAR has the potential to save 45,150 kWh and reduce CO2 emissions by over 7 tons – solely through the utilisation of an energy-efficient heat pump pipe system. The reduction in energy consumption is linked to the substantial contrast in heat losses between a conventional PE system and the innovative FLEXSTAR pipe system. This difference can be attributed to the excellent thermal conductivity of FLEXSTAR pipes. Just a reminder: with our patented PUR insulation, the lambda value is a mere 0.024 W/m*K – on average, 40 per cent lower than the equivalent value with standard PE insulation. Further cost savings can also result from reduced labour-intensive excavation work. Thanks to their exceptionally short installation time, FLEXSTAR systems not only represent a technically perfect solution but, thanks to minimised coordination efforts on-site and swift, straightforward installation, they also serve as the cornerstone for the efficient and cost-effective establishment of heat pump connections. In conclusion, FLEXSTAR saves you time and money across the board.

More information and the data from our case study is available in the compact training course in the Downloads section.

Pre-insulated heating pipes with innovative accessories

The swift and remarkably uncomplicated installation process is also due to our sophisticated connection technology, which ensures minimal labour costs and an extended system lifespan. Instead of complex welding, only the pipelines themselves, the fittings, a wall sealing ring (only for building penetrations) and end caps are required for installation.

FLEXSTAR offers a choice between screw fittings and press fittings: screw connections can be effortlessly attached to the pipes without tools, making them ideal for building entries, while press fittings provide a permanent and secure connection and are particularly suitable for underground installations. The fittings are typically made of steel or brass. The patented labelling method employed for our FLEXSTAR pipe systems greatly simplifies the process of identifying them at the construction site. Supplementary insulation can be easily added to fully insulated heating pipes using clip shells and distribution boxes.

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•    Production standards in accordance with EN 15632-2
•    Quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001

FLEXSTAR has been audited by the independent institute IMA Dresden and certified by the German Accreditation Body.

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