LNG All-in-One
LNG All-in-One VIP For your LNG filling stations and tank facilities.
For your LNG filling stations and tank facilities.

LNG All-in-One VIP

Flow, return flow and vapour recovery – all in one!

LNG All-in-One is a unique and cost-effective LNG pipe system for use at LNG filling stations as a continuous LNG, circulation and vapour recovery pipe – all in one!


Design pressure: PN 30
Design temperature:  - 200°C bis + 50°C
Carrier Pipe: stainless steel corrugated pipe

Fewer costs, more benefits.

Thanks to the corrugated pipe technology, the All-in-One can be “continuous” and flexible. And flexibility means self-compensation, as every individual corrugation absorbs part of the temperature-dependent longitudinal expansion.

While rigid pipe systems need to be fitted with cost-intensive expansion elements, the LNG All-in-One manages without compensators or expansion bends.

Safety above all.

Thanks to the option to provide leakage monitoring, unexpected leakages are detected immediately. This means that you can shut down the entire system in a matter of seconds.

Type DN1 DN2 PN Außendurchmesser Volume Inner pipe Weight Min. bending radius
  bar mm l/m l/m kg/m m
AiO VIP 39-64/115 1 1/4" / DN32 1 1/4" / DN32 30 120 1,35 2,13 7,5 1.0




The pins can be assigned to the prefabricated connection in line with the customer’s requirements.


The leakage indicator detects and reports unexpected leakages