Steel casing pipe
Steel casing pipe

Steel casing pipe system for steam and hot water

The steel casing pipe system is a rigid double-walled high-temperature system.

Operating temperature: Up to max. 400°C
Operating pressure: Up to PN 64
Dimensions: DN 20–1000
Carrier pipe: Steel

Application: Hot water and steam pipes in district heating and process heating systems, hot water industrial pipelines

Steel casing pipes are suitable for all applications and operating conditions that occur in practice; however, they are best suited to extremely high temperatures and pressure levels. As the pipes are prefabricated for the project, this keeps the ratio between the manufacturing costs and operational requirements in check. The inner pipes specifications are selected, the insulation thicknesses are specified and the nominal diameters are calculated subject to the specific operating conditions in each case.

Vacuum maintenance and control creates excellent opportunities for monitoring the system for leaks in the inner pipe or casing pipe, guaranteeing safety while the system is operating.

Further safety measures include cathodic corrosion protection to prevent corrosion on the casing pipe. Electronic monitoring systems also detect any moisture that enters the insulated area.

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Usage examples with the steel casing pipe system

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Steel casing pipe specifications

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