CALPEX PUR-KING – the world champion in saving energy CALPEX PUR-KING with outstanding insulating performance
CALPEX PUR-KING with outstanding insulating performance

CALPEX PUR-KING – our pre-insulated, flexible PEX pipe system

Our CALPEX PUR-KING pre-insulated,flexible pipe is the world champion in terms of energy efficiency – its patented insulation material has a thermal conductivity of only λ 0.0199 W/mK, thereby surpassing a magical threshold.

This flexible and self-compensating pipe system is suitable for low-temperature applications and for use in local and district heating networks. The CALPEX pipe is an insulated underground pipe made from resistant materials that are optimally designed for a long service life in soil – the carrier pipe is made of PEXa and boasts excellent thermal and mechanical properties. The outer jacket is made from LDPE-PE[A1] . The insulation material is polyurethane (PUR foam) with a thermal conductivity of just 0.0199 watts per metre and Kelvin – at an average measured temperature of 50°C.

In this substance class, this is an undisputed record that is unrivalled by any comparable pipe system. That’s why our flexible CALPEX PUR-KING solution is also a patented conduit – we manufacture it in a continuously operating production process. The uniformly high quality of the insulation is verified and confirmed through regular measurements by an accredited testing institute.

Prior to the successful development of the CALPEX PUR-KING pipe, a thermal conductivity of 0.0210 W/mK was generally considered a lower limit that was difficult to undershoot with reasonable technical effort. Against this backdrop, the CALPEX PUR-KING’s innovative production process is an even more remarkable achievement. The unique foam technology significantly increases the energy efficiency of these pre-insulated pipes.

Reducing costs through efficiency

Over the past ten years, BRUGG Pipes has managed to consistently reduce the lambda value of our CALPEX pipe systems through intensive research and development.

Thanks to our advanced CALPEX PUR-KING process technology, we have now succeeded in reducing the thermal conductivity of our CALPEX pipes to the world’s lowest lambda value of just 0.0199 W/m*K. With this record-low value, we have yet again managed to undershoot the established minimum thermal conductivity values for polyurethane. CALPEX PUR-KING is therefore an opportunity to substantially boost the energy efficiency of pre-insulated heating systems, leading to potential annual cost savings of up to 15%.


Efficient insulation for reduced material usage in heating pipes

In addition to significantly reducing your operating costs, our pre-insulated heating pipes also allow substantial savings on insulation materials, thanks to the innovative construction of the product. This, in turn, has a positive impact on your excavation and transportation costs. As a general rule, the thickness of the insulation material is optimised in line with the standard pipe diameters and joint types.


Competent and reliable

BRUGG Pipes stands for high quality, innovative products and many years of experience. On this basis we can offer you tailored, goal-orientated and competent advice. Our internal quality control system and compliance with all relevant standards ensure that our delivery plants in Germany and Switzerland adhere to the highest quality standards. Additionally, our development team consistently strives to anticipate your future requirements. The resulting findings are incorporated into our current product solutions, which we then optimise until they align seamlessly with your specific future requirements. One of our core strengths is our high delivery readiness – thanks to local warehouses in your vicinity.


CALPEX PUR-KING wins DTI test again

Every year, the Danish Technological Institute carries out an extensive series of tests on pre-insulated district heating pipes. In the category of flexible PEX pipe systems, we led the way for the 6th time in a row with our CALPEX PUR-KING. We are very pleased about this! In the 6 years since it was launched on the market, we have not only emerged as the test winner but have also been the only manufacturer with consistently low values.

CALPEX PUR-KING – here to stay!

Boasting the world’s best insulation value, CALPEX PUR-KING – with its patented PUR foam and exceptionally high Swiss quality standards – still simply cannot be beaten. Thanks to the closed-cell PUR foam, the heat loss remains almost as low as on day one – without a diffusion barrier. The extremely efficient insulating performance enables annual energy savings of up to 15% and will also help you to reduce CO2. Long live the KING!

 danish institute

Fast and flexible installation

Due to the material’s inherent flexibility, CALPEX PUR-KING is exceptionally easy to install. Extremely small bending radii are possible with minimal force, allowing pipes to be laid precisely and efficiently. These pipes also permit tighter winding radii, allowing longer delivery lengths and thus reducing transportation, storage and excavation costs.

The installation effort is further minimized thanks to our sophisticated assembly technology, including patented clip shells and various fittings (screw connections, press fittings, electrofusion couplers), as well as diverse caps (standard and shrink caps in various designs), distributor shafts and wall sealing rings. These innovative accessories let you create straightforward, and reliable connections – so you can work to ambitious schedules with no stress.


Pre-insulated pipes – ideal for heating networks

The pre-insulated, flexible  CALPEX PUR-KING pipe system is ideal for low-temperature applications up to 95°C. The CALPEX PUR-KING pre-insulated flexible heating pipes are also ideal for local and district heating networks and for house-to-house connections.


Example applications

Thanks to unique accessories

•    Simple and reliable connection technology
•    Quick and practical pipe connections or branches with clip shells and distribution shafts
•    Low installation costs and a long service life

Clip covers

Clip covers

Over the past ten years, BRUGG Pipes has succeeded in reducing the lambda value of CALPEX PUR-KING pipe systems further and further through intensive research and development work. With the newly developed process technology of CALPEX PUR-KING we have now succeeded.


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CALPEX PUR-KING was tested by the independent institute IMA Dresden and certified by the German Accreditation Body.

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