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Accessories and tools for the CALPEX, COOLFLEX, COOLMANT and EIGERFLEX pipe system

Our accessories

  • T-I-L clip covers

    Quick and simple installation can be accomplished with the new range of rugged CALPEX clip covers (T, I and L covers) for branch pipes, straight pipe connections, narrow trench conditions or building infeeds – without the need for tools. Time-consuming screwing, riveting and shrinking work in the tightest of spaces has long since been a thing of the past.

    Clip cover introductory video

    You can find detailed information in the
    CALPEX product catalogue

  • Wall sealing ring, double-sealing

    Seal insert with extra-wide rubber seals, double-sealing against pressing water up to 0.3 bar and gas-tight. Also available as single-sealing version as centring ring.

  • Wall sealing ring

    Neoprene sealing ring for wall openings. Not suitable for pressing water.

  • Distributor shaft

    The distributor shaft is designed to cover and protect fabricated Brugg pipeline connections, shut-off valves or branches. The distributor shaft features a watertight design made from polyethylene.

  • Shrink-on sleeve set

    Complete shrink-on sleeve set with all components required for post-insulation.

  • End caps

    Plug-in end caps ensure that the pipe is closed properly.

  • Shrink-on end caps

    Shrink-on end caps close the end of the pipe in a water-resistant manner.

  • Pipe warning tape

    We also offer pipe warning tape with “Caution: district heating pipe” printed on.

Our tools

  • Pressing tool case for CALPEX

    The three robust pressing tools ensure that the CALPEX press fitting system that is most suitable for laying underground is installed simply, quickly and securely.

    Small: Ø 16–40 mm (manual and battery-powered)
    Medium:  Ø 50–110 mm (manual and battery-powered)
    Large:  Ø 125–160 mm (manual and battery-powered)

  • Laying tool / alignment tool

    The laying tool makes it possible to straighten and tighten the pipe ends so that the connection system can be installed with ease.

  • Ring unwinding device

    With the CALPEX unwinding device, you can lay flexible composite systems, which are delivered to the building site in a roll, easily and extremely quickly.

    - Simple handling
    - Easy to transport
    - Improved occupational safety
    - Shorter laying times

  • Motorised winch

    With the CALPEX unwinding device and the CALPEX motorised winch, you can unroll composite pipe systems from the CALPEX family quickly and with minimal effort before laying them in the ground.

  • Pipe cross-section squeezing tool for CALPEX

    For subsequent connection to pipe sections in a heating network that cannot be closed off or in the event of repair work, the carrier pipe can be squeezed upstream and downstream of the area in question with the CALPEX squeezing tool.

  • Welding tool for CALPEX electrofusion couplers

    For welding cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) electrofusion couplers simple and securely. For quickly connecting PEX pipes for operating temperatures of -40°C to +95°C.