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BRUGG Pipes around the world

We are here for you all over the globe. Find your local contact. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Kleindöttingen, Switzerland

    At our headquarters, over 200 employees produce our flexible CALPEX, COOLFLEX and EIGERFLEX pipes and the rigid COOLMANT systems for the global market, as well as PREMANT up to DN 350, including elbows and moulded parts, for the Swiss market.

    BRUGG Rohrsystem AG
    Industriestrasse 39
    CH-5314 Kleindöttingen

    Tel:  +41 56 268 78 78

  • Wunstorf, Germany

    Close to Hanover, Germany, 100 employees produce the following flexible products for local and district heating and cooling, filling stations and industry: CASAFLEX, FLEXWELL DHC, FLEXWELL FSR, LPG, DOUBLEFLEX, NIROFLEX, PETREX-CNT, SECON-X and All-in-One.

    Get to now the company here: (Corporate Movie)

    BRUGG Rohrsysteme GmbH 
    Adolf-Oesterheld-Straße 31 
    D-31515 Wunstorf 

    phone +49 50 31 170-0 

  • Nordhausen, Germany

    With 100 employees, German Pipe GmbH is a key member of the BRUGG Pipes division and produces our rigid PREMANT and SPIRAMANT pipe systems in all sizes, including elbows and special moulded parts, for the international market.

    BRUGG German Pipe GmbH
    Darrweg 43
    D-99734 Nordhausen

    Tel  +49 36 31 462 67 0