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Hot and cold water usage examples


  • CALPEX project, Belarus 2015


    In the August of this year, we had our first dealings in Belarus. Together with our Belarussian partner Sarmat, we were awarded the contract for a delivery of 1650 m of various CPX pipes to heating supply companies in Lyuban. The town and district of Lyuban is relatively small with approx. 33,500 inhabitants. However, it has 25 boiler houses and 61 km of pipes. The networks were in a very poor condition in places. Major modernisation work was required.

    Other pipes were therefore replaced. In Belarus and other CIS countries, district heating is often extremely important for the local economy but the condition of the pipes is generally poor.

    Irek Rytka, head technician at Brugg Poland, provided support with the first delivery and technician training.

    The new field service employee for CIS countries, who had been with Brugg Poland since the start of that August, was also able to be on hand. This time, he learned how to install press fittings, and in the future, he will train other customers.


  • EIGERFLEX LONGLINE project, Kitzsteinhorn, Austria 2015


    In the Pinzgau region of the state of Salzburg, two cable lifts recently opened on the Kitzsteinhorn at 3203 metres above sea level. Our pre-insulated EIGERFLEX pipe system is used as a frost-proof drinking water and sewage pipe to connect the intermediate station 200 metres below to supply the top station (2650 metres above sea level).


    A 1250-metre-long trench was dug in the rocky terrain to lay the EIGERFLEX pipe system. In order to guarantee operation during ski season, frost resistance must be ensured at any price in this rough climate. We met this requirement by applying single-phase fixed resistor heating tapes, which enable heating circuit lengths of up to 1000 m. It was possible to implement the two pipe systems with just two power inputs each, much to the delight of those responsible for the project.

    Download project as PDF

  • EIGERFLEX project, Gare de Lyon, Paris, France


    With more than 83 million travellers per year and an average of 230,000 people each day, Gare de Lyon is one of the three busiest train stations in Paris. It is the starting point for many national services, as well as high-speed services to neighbouring countries.

    Up to now, the trains were supplied using tank cars, which gather the drinking water in a laborious way. With the EIGERFLEX pipe system from Brugg, it is now – as of autumn 2012 – possible to connect these directly to the drinking water pipes.