STAMANT structure

STAMANT safety pipe system (SSI)

The STAMANT safety pipe (SSI) is a rigid, double-walled and approved safety pipe system with continuous leakage monitoring.

Operating temperature: -50°C to +300°C (can be extended on request)
Operating pressure: PN16/25 with approval (special pressure rating up to PN200 on request)
Dimensions: DN 15–800 (with approval)
Carrier pipe: Steel / stainless steel


Cooling pipe, transporting temperature-controlled, environmentally harmful, flammable, poisonous liquids and gases.

Supplements the FLEXWELL safety pipe.

Environmental safety guaranteed

The BRUGG STAMANT safety pipe is a double-pipe system prefabricated in units. It is ideal for transporting flammable and non-flammable water-polluting media and gases.

A leakage indicator issues both a visual and an acoustic alarm in the event of a leak.

Provisions and requirements

When projects using double-walled pipe systems for transporting hazardous substances are planned conventionally, this places exceptionally high demands on achieving a professional and technically optimal design, particularly with larger pipe dimensions. Needless to say that we guarantee compliance with all provisions relating to fire, explosion and water protection.

German general building approval: Z-38.4-207.


STAMANT safety pipe units contain all of the required moulded parts, such as elbows, T-branches, reducers and terminations. The standard length of the units is 12.0 m. Longer lengths are possible upon consultation. The maximum length of the units is only restricted by the transport options.