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The efficiet solution for the transport of cryogenic fluids:
flexible, double-barrier, vacuum insulated pipe system for the transport for every cryogenic fluid.


Operating Pressure: PN 25
Operating temperatures:  - 200°C bis + 50°C
Dimensions: DN 15  - 32 (larger diameter on reques)
Carrier pipe: Stainless steel corrugated pipe

System description

The FLEXWELL® CRYO PIPE has been developed for the above-ground and underground transport of cryogenic liquefied gases. The special super-insulation made of highly reflective foil together with the spacers in the vacuum chamber, which are adapted according to size, enables efficient and safe transport with low heat inleak along the length of the pipeline. The specially adapted stainless steel reinforcing bands of the outer pipe guarantees the same pressure stability as the inner pipe and is also a stiff component to ensure that the piping can be laid and pulled in without risk. The pipe system is designed for a maximum pressure of 25 bar (PN 25) in the temperature range from –200 °C (73 K) to a maximum of +50 °C. 

Areas of Application

Transport of cryogenic liquefied gases such as
• liquid nitrogen LN2
• liquid argon LAr
• liquid oxygen LOX
• liquid hydrogen LH2
• liquid helium LHe
• liquefied natural gas LNG