Leakguard Cloud

LEAKGUARD Cloud monitoring device for local and district heating (Switzerland only)

The LEAKGUARD Cloud device series from BRUGG Pipes is the compact, battery operated monitoring solution for pipe routes with a monitoring wire pair in the insulation. The devices are simple to install and easy to operate. On-site electrical power supply and network connections are not required. In the event of a fault, the alarm is sent via LTE or GSM networks.

LEAKGUARD Cloud monitors the flow and return of a pipe route on 2 channels in parallel. For this purpose, it measures the insulation and loop resistance of a pair of wires in the insulation of your pipe system according to EN 14419.

In addition, two inputs for potential-free contacts are available to monitor external signals as well. In the event of leaks in the pipe, interruption of the measuring loop or the pipe connections, and if there is a change of status at the contact inputs, it sounds the alarm and thus helps to prevent major damage and losses.

LEAKGUARD Cloud measures at 24 h intervals and sends a message to the UMS server via mobile data link in the event of an alarm. A weekly status message with the device status is included in the standard version.

The readout of the measured values as well as the device configuration and the input of the limit values for the loop and insulation resistance can be carried out on site with a laptop via the USB 2.0 interface.

Device only available in Switzerland. We look forward to your request.


Technical data:

Supply voltage

Replaceable lithium battery, 3.6 V

Battery life

> 5 years (with daily measurement and weekly status report)

Number of measurement channels

2 (e.g. for flow and return of a district heating line)

Insulation measuring range

0 .. 10 MΩ
Error: 3% from measured value ±10 kΩ absolute

Loop measuring range

0 .. 19,99 kΩ
Error: 3% from measured value ±0.02 kΩ absolute

Measuring section

For CH, Brandes # 3,000 m, Nordic # 3,000 m
For rest of the world, Brandes # 1,500 m, Nordic # 3,000 m

Length calculation

yes, for NiCr

Measuring voltage

12 V DC

Display per measurement channel

1 LED bar display for “ISO measured value”
per measurement channel 1 LED for “Loop fault”, “ISO fault”
and 2 signal LEDs “Contact status”
6 status LEDs

On-site operation

1 button for real-time measurement with measured value display
and test message dispatch


1 USB interface for device configuration
limit value setting and measured value readout
2 contact inputs (cable length max. 10 m)

Operating temperature

-20 °C .. +50 °C

Permissible humidity

0 .. 100%

Housing protection class

IP 66

Application area

Indoors and protected outdoor installation according to
DIN VDE 0100 Section 737. Residential and commercial areas
as well as for small businesses

Housing dimensions

180 x 180 x 100 mm (W x H x D)