Quality management

Our quality philosophy

The quality philosophy of the BRUGG Pipes Group forms the basis for our approach to quality and how we act. It encompasses the following aspects:

• Quality management system
• Satisfied customers, motivated employees
• Innovative technology
• Expert dealers and suppliers
• Sustainable approach to the environment
• Social responsibility and compliance management

To implement its quality policy, BRUGG Pipes has implemented a quality system, which is compulsory and binding for all employees. This is applied to all areas of the company. Our managers are always facilitating the continuous improvement of all processes and procedures and encourage all employees to identify with our quality policy. The value-creation process and quality management documents cover all process steps in their entirety. The relevant employees can retrieve these and view them in the form of a computer-based process map.

This emphasises the fact that every employee contributes towards the quality of our products and is responsible for the result of the work carried out in this respect. We constantly monitor the quality of our products in quality checks during and after production, thereby ensuring that the quality level is consistently high.