Our LINESTOP services Unique in Switzerland
Unique in Switzerland
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Our LINESTOP services Unique in Switzerland
Unique in Switzerland
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Our LINESTOP services for district heating pipe systems

LINESTOP service for plastic casing pipes (KMR) – this enables you to extend or repair your district heating network without completely draining the system or interrupting the power supply. Need to install an additional outlet for a network expansion during live operations, or replace a defective pipe component? No problem with LINESTOP from BRUGG Pipes. In cases where it is imperative that the power supply is maintained during the work, this system is not only cost-effective but also the most flexible solution available. With LINESTOP tools and our highly skilled installation team, you can solve your problem in just one day.

How can local and district heating pipe systems be extended and maintained efficiently and cost-effectively without having to interrupt the energy supply? LINESTOP for plastic casing pipes (KMR) offers an innovative and flexible solution for this. This technology makes it possible to maintain the heat supply without interruption and to cost-effectively maintain and extend pipelines.

LINESTOP can also be used for district cooling systems, making it a versatile solution for pipe system maintenance and expansion.

LINESTOP is not only cost-effective, but also extremely flexible. It offers the most flexible pipe maintenance and expansion solution on the market to date and is offered exclusively in Switzerland.

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With the LINESTOP Single Service, the area to be processed can be sealed off on one side with a LINESTOP. This method also stops the energy supply without having to drain the pipe system.

The LINESTOP Bypass Service, on the other hand, allows a specific pipe section to be unblocked with two LINESTOPS for extensions or maintenance work. With a bypass, the power supply is maintained without interruption during maintenance or repair work. With the LINESTOP Bypass Service, a LINESTOP is placed before and after the pipe section to be worked on, i.e. the pipeline is sealed at these points. At the same time, a bypass is laid from one LINESTOP to the other, which ensures the power supply without interruption. 


You can find out exactly how LINESTOP works in this video:

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With the BRUGG Pipes proprietary LINESTOP tools and our highly trained installation team, we can solve your problem within one day. Simply point us to the target area – we will organise everything on your behalf and ensure that the affected area is exposed on the agreed date. We will then be able to complete the necessary conversion or repair work within eight hours. Please note that during the LINESTOP operation the operating temperature must not exceed 110°C and the operating pressure must not exceed 12 bar. We can either stop your line for a short time or install a bypass to avoid interruption to the power supply.

We would be happy to support you with your project.