FLEXSTAR – The new star in the heating universe Reliable, flexible and extremely rugged
Reliable, flexible and extremely rugged
The new star in the heating universe FLEXSTAR. BE FLEXIBLE. BE A STAR.
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FLEXSTAR – The highly flexible and efficient pipe system. Our innovative solution to connect heat pumps and local heating networks

Our innovative FLEXSTAR low-temperature system is a pre-insulated pipe system that is highly flexible yet also extremely rugged thanks to our patented production process. FLEXSTAR pipes are ideal for connecting heat pumps and for use in local heating networks.

Naturally, we also offer our customers our comprehensive BRUGG Pipes service for this pipe solution – we will assist you when planning your project and deliver the corresponding products exactly where they are needed via our worldwide distribution network. We also match the pipe lengths or sets exactly to your needs, including accessories.

We manufacture our pipes in accordance with the EN 15632-2 standard and our entire product range complies with the ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 quality standards. But that’s not enough for us – we don’t just want to meet standards, but to exceed them, which is why BRUGG Pipes products are renowned for their first-class Swiss quality. We will be happy to explain more about our pipe system components and other component groups in clearly structured product training sessions – if you have any questions or maintenance and servicing orders, you can contact our worldwide support service at any time.

We offer FLEXSTAR UNO (one carrier pipe) and FLEXSTAR DUO (two carrier pipes) as a compact ring in standardised lengths or in sets including accessories. For customers in Germany, only our compact ring is available for delivery.

Maximum flexibility with efficient heat output

The FLEXSTAR low-temperature system includes optimal pre-insulation in the form of PUR foam. Both the carrier pipe and the casing pipe consist of a highly flexible material that allows the tightest winding radii during installation. Nevertheless, the pipe connections within local heat networks or the FLEXSTAR-to-heat pump connections are extremely sturdy and resilient.

Unique properties

FLEXSTAR is heat-resistant and designed for a maximum operating temperature of 95 degrees Celsius (fluctuating). Operating pressures as high as PN 6 are no problem for this pipe solution. The carrier pipe is made from PEXa, a special variant of polyethylene. It, conforms to DIN 16892/93 and features an EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier in accordance with DIN 4726. FLEXSTAR can be ordered in a range of different dimensions: the FLEXSTAR UNO is available from DN 20–50, the FLEXSTAR DUO from DN 20–40. The corrugated casing pipe is made from LLD-PE. This not only protects it against UV radiation, but also gives it increased flexibility. The insulation inside the annular space between the inner pipe and the casing pipe is made of polyurethane (PUR).



Composite system in accordance with DIN EN 15632-2

Since FLEXSTART is a composite system in accordance with DIN EN 15632-2 (i.e. the inner pipe is firmly connected to the PUR insulation foam), CO2 emissions are prevented. After production, the two components form an inseparable unit, as it were. In non-composite systems, by contrast, the insulation typically consists of several individual parts, and is also not fixed to the carrier pipe in an airtight manner.

Longitudinal watertightness in accordance with DIN EN 15632-2

Thanks to its design as a low-temperature composite system, FLEXSTAR is optimally protected against moisture penetration. Should a leak occur in the outer casing, thanks to longitudinal water tightness in accordance with DIN EN 15632-2 the moisture is prevented from seeping through the insulation and degrading the durability of the inner pipe. The impermeable PUR foam plays a major role in ensuring this exceptional degree of protection. This feature not only makes the product much more durable overall, but also guarantees dry cellars and living spaces.

Wide range of applications

Thanks to the small winding radii, installation is possible in the tightest of spaces and without house entry bends. FLEXSTAR is therefore recommended for heat pumps (air/water heat pumps) as well as for local heating networks, house-to-house connections and renovation projects.

Wide range of innovative accessories

The pipes can be connected using a simple and reliable connection system. This not only has the advantage of lessening the installation effort, but also ensures a long service life. Furthermore, the use of clip shells and distribution shafts makes the addition of supplementary insulation an extremely quick and straightforward task.

BRUGG Pipes service for you

•    Pipe lengths or sets including accessories, precisely matched to your requirements
•    Planning assistance
•    Global distribution network
•    Product training and support worldwide
•    Production standards in accordance with EN 15632-2
•    Quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001

FLEXSTAR has been audited by the independent institute IMA Dresden and certified by the German Accreditation Body.

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