Our project management service BRUGG Pipes ensures the competent coordination of your project
BRUGG Pipes ensures the competent coordination of your project

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Our team has more than 140 years’ experience in project management, infrastructure and plant construction as well as power supply, safety and control. Naturally, we draw on this deep pool of expertise when carrying out planning, organisational or support tasks on your behalf, no matter how demanding they may be.

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Our consultation on thermal and electrical pre-stressing of PSP district heating pipes

When laying PSP district heating pipes, thermal pre-stressing processes are essential to reduce the generation of axial forces and ensure the integrity of the pipes. During operation, the pipes move due to temperature changes in the ground, which leads to potentially damaging tensile or compressive stresses in long straight sections. Different pre-stressing processes are used to counteract this phenomenon. 

Thermal and electrical pre-stressing processes  

During thermal and electrical pre-stressing, the pipes are heated to a defined pre-stressing temperature so that the pipe can stretch freely. This is usually done using heat sources such as hot water or electric current. As soon as the pipe has sufficiently expanded, it is filled while maintaining the pre-stressing temperature. At the end of the process, the pipe cools down and the desired tensile stresses are generated. 

Advantages of pre-stressing 

There are many advantages of thermal pre-stressing. The tensile stresses when in the cold state can reduce axial forces during operation, thus minimising the risk of damage such as cracks in the weld seams. Thermal pre-stressing also enables longer laying distances without restrictions and reduces the need for additional expansion elements such as U- or Z-expanders. This results in efficient and cost-effective routing of the district heating line. 

Consultation and support from BRUGG Pipes 

At BRUGG Pipes, we offer comprehensive consultation and planning support for thermal and electrical pre-stressing of PSP district heating pipes. Our experts analyse the requirements of the route and recommend suitable pre-stressing processes and the optimum placement of expansion elements. With our support, customers can install longer sections in one piece and save on material and installation costs at the same time.