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The new CALPEX clip shell BIG-T-I-L sealing ring 202mm

Starting now, BRUGG Pipes is offering a sealing ring for the CALPEX clip shell BIG-T-I-L, which allows you to connect pipes up to a dimension of 202mm. (previously 182mm).

You now have the option of connecting all pipe dimensions from the CALPEX pipe range with just one clip shell system. Whether for branching straight pipe connections or 90° angles for optimum building infeeds – and all this without tools. Furthermore, thanks to the quick and easy clip system, you save time you would spend fastening, riveting or shrinking in confined spaces – and this is new up to the dimension 202mm.

Your advantages:

Energy efficiency
- Safe and efficient thermal insulation
- Use of universal insulating materials
- Optimum filling of the sealing ring chambers

- Permanent elastic EPDM seal permits high flexibility
- Larger sealing sleeve allows entry angle of the pipes up to maximum 20°
- Sealing rings combine high flexibility and safety thanks to ring rigidity
- More space for aligning the inner pipes
- One clip shell for all CALPEX pipe ranges and dimensions

- Larger sealing surfaces ensure the pipes are leak tight under great stress
- Permanently resistant hose clamp made of stainless steel
- Leak tightness checked and verified up to 0.3 bar (EN 489)

- Larger structural dimensions facilitate connection of the carrier pipes
- Tool-free installation
- Hose clamp is easy to secure
- Optional foaming

Further details and assembly instructions are available at the following link: https://www.bruggpipes.com/en/calpex-accessories/