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The FLEXWELL district heating cable (DHC): double-walled, flexible steel casing pipe system.

The FLEXWELL district heating cable (DHC) is a flexible, self-compensating steel casing pipe system. It is continuous and has a monitoring option for use in networks with high temperatures and operating pressures.

Operating temperature: -170°C to +150°C
Operating pressure: 16/25 bar
Dimensions: DN 25–150
Carrier pipe: Stainless steel
Exterior pipe: Stainless steel
Insulation: Polyurethane (PUR)

Laid using the horizontal directional drilling method or the traditional trench method.

Application: District heating, district cooling, service water, condensate.

TypDNStainless steel inner pipeExternal diameterMinimumMaximum
  d1 x s1DBending radiusDelivery lengths*
30/912530.0 x 0.39411000
39/1163238.9 x 0.41211,2640
60/1485060.0 x 0.51561,5590
75/1716575.8 x 0.61782480
98/1718098.0 x 0.81782480
98/2208098.0 x 0.82334270
127/220100127.0 x 0.92334270
147/220125147.0 x 1.02334250
200/310150197.5 x 1.23135230

* In line with maximum possible drum allocation and normal production length

This product must be laid by BRUGG Pipes technicians.