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[Translate to Englisch:] Fernwärme Kreis 6 Zürich

City of Zurich heats protected residential buildings with district heating

District heating is a sustainable form of energy supply as it can help reduce CO2 emissions and combat climate change. District heating is sustainable and efficient because it is often generated from renewable energy sources, operates more advantageously than decentralized heating systems, and uses waste heat that would otherwise go unused. 


In Zurich’s Kreis 6, several dozen residential units were recently connected to the district heating system. The first houses were connected in Laufferweg in November 2022, followed by the connection of seven more houses in Eggenschwilerweg in January 2023. Care had to be taken to protect heritage-listed objects. 

The city made it clear that all gardens had to look the same after connecting to district heating. Most of the pipes were laid by excavating a trench and then pulling the pipes through. However, in two gardens in Eggenschwilerweg, two empty pipes were drilled directly into the house under the garden surface using the flush drilling method, so the garden surface was not affected. Dietmar Eschbach acted as our BRUGG Pipes project lead. 

The main line and house connections were laid with our metallic, flexible pipe system, CASAFLEX, in the appropriate dimensions. The thermal insulation values of CASAFLEX fully meet the cantonal specifications for thermal insulation.

As an important project partner, we are proud to have met the requirements of heritage protection and at the same time to offer citizens an environmentally friendly heating option. The district heating system will help reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. 

District heating in Zurich’s Kreis 6