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Acquisition of INDUCON PE sleeve welding method

BRUGG Pipes acquires INDUCON PE sleeve welding method

We are delighted to announce that BRUGG Pipes has acquired the technology for the INDUCON PE sleeve welding method for local and district heating from KE KELIT with immediate effect.

BRUGG Pipes has been using INDUCON for years and, in the process, has accumulated a wealth of experience with this secure and reliable solution. “This is an excellent addition to our range of district heating products and will allow us to occupy an even stronger position as a full service provider,” says Martin Rigaud (CEO of the Kleindöttingen site). “We are very happy to be adding INDUCON – an innovative and secure solution – to our portfolio. Together with the EWELCON and EWELCON-S, it will enable us to offer a broad range of electrofusion couplers.”

KE KELIT will remain the exclusive licensee in Austria and will continue to take care of applications around the world outside the field of local and district heating. The transfer of expertise and products will take place gradually over the coming weeks and months as the technology is integrated into the Kleindöttingen site.

INDUCON is a patented contactless welding method involving generator technology (220 V) for PE sleeves for district heating pipes. It is based on induction and has been used for years by BRUGG Pipes in Switzerland. The innovative technology enables secure, high-strength circumferential and homogeneous welding seams without interruption. Furthermore, the quick and stable welding process makes it possible to keep construction work on schedule while also meeting the highest quality standards.

During the welding process, the casing pipe and the sleeve are heated and liquefied in a specific area. In this melted area, the materials fuse together in such a way that they cannot be broken apart again. The result is a durable, sealed weld of the highest quality. A self-contained metal lattice strip is heated by means of induction during the process, creating an extremely strong joint. In this way, INDUCON ensures that your district heating network will have a long service life – even at groundwater level (further information available at: https://www.bruggpipes.com/en/sleeve-systems-for-premant/