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Resistant and flexible - FLEXWELL-FHK for Moosstrasse in Lengnau

The Burgergemeinde and the municipality of Lengnau in the Swiss canton of Bern are focussing on ecological and economical heating with their joint heating network called WärmeLengnau - with the aim of producing heat sustainably. Our durable FLEXWELL-FHK steel casing pipe system was used in Moosstrasse to ensure that the town is optimally supplied with heat energy. 


Since 2020, many new district heating pipes from BRUGG Pipes have already been reliably laid for the construction projects of the heating network in Lengnau. In September 2023, a district heating pipe was installed in Moosstrasse as part of these construction projects. The aim was to connect the flexible steel casing pipe to an existing heating centre in the shortest possible time so that public traffic was affected as little as possible. 

The short time frame was a considerable challenge for our fitters on site, especially as a total of two FLEXWELL-FHK pipes, each 134 metres long, were to be laid. Due to the time constraints, our workers had to unwind the pipes from the reel, straighten them, pull them into the trench and align them particularly quickly and efficiently. As the trench was very close to the road, it was also important to work extremely carefully within the cordoned-off areas when laying the pipes. Another challenge was finding the space for the bogie and ensuring access for the lorry with the drum. Despite the challenges, the installation went smoothly thanks to the hard work of our fitters. 

Our FLEXWELL-FHK pipe can withstand temperatures of up to 150°C, making it the ideal choice for district heating projects. The double-walled steel casing ensures excellent corrosion resistance and enables the transport of a wide range of media. Thanks to the helically corrugated inner pipe, challenging route conditions can be flexibly mastered. The integrated monitoring wires ensure optimum safety of the installed pipes.