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Extensive district heating pipeline - CASAFLEX and PREMANT for the village of Carona

In Carona, a small village in the popular Swiss canton of Ticino, an extensive district heating pipeline was laid from the heating plant to the centre of the village. Our reliable PREMANT UNO and CASAFLEX DUO pipes were used to optimise the supply of heat energy to the residents.

The main heating network for Carona was built twelve years ago. Over the years, it has been repeatedly extended and expanded. In the course of these expansions, the largest construction phase was completed in 2019. We laid an extensive district heating pipeline from the heating centre to the village centre.

Our rigid PREMANT UNO pipe was used for the straight pipeline. The flexible and bendable CASAFLEX DUO pipe, on the other hand, was mainly used in the centre of the village.

The biggest challenge on site was the limited space in the old town centre. As the streets were not passable by lorry, our fitters parked the lorry outside the village centre and then pulled the CASAFLEX pipe over the winding streets to the trench. The laying of the pipes themselves has been a complete success so far.

Our CASAFLEX pipe is extremely flexible and easy to lay. Thanks to its corrugated outer sheath, it easily realises tight bending radii and efficiently avoids obstacles. The rigid PREMANT long-distance pipe can transport not only heating water but also domestic hot water, condensate and other fluids over long distances. In the DUO version, both pipe systems each have two inner pipes, which allow the pipes to be laid in a space and cost-saving manner.