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Customer Survey 2021 – THANK YOU!


The satisfaction of our business partners is what drives us every day – that’s why your opinion is very important to us!

We live in a fast-moving and challenging world. That’s why it is quite an achievement that we were able to collect over 300 valuable Customer Surveys.

On behalf of the entire BRUGG Pipes team, we would like to thank you for your valuable contribution. We will include your input in our continuous optimisation processes and work to make the corresponding improvements in the coming weeks and months. We look forward to continuing our successful working relationship!


Martin Rigaud
CEO BRUGG Rohrsystem AG

Our customers are very satisfied with BRUGG Pipes.

  • Excellent image on the local and district heating market

    Our team makes the difference! Our customers agree and rate our image as very good in the area of local and district heating, as is clearly shown in our 2021 Customer Survey. Thank you!

  • Highest satisfaction with service

    Our customers are highly satisfied with our customer service, as is shown by the BRUGG Pipes 2021 Customer Survey. Thank you! Our team makes the difference!

  • Our customers recommend us

    BRUGG Pipes is always there for you! Our customers notice and appreciate this, as can be clearly seen from the results of our 2021 Customer Survey. Our team makes the difference! Thank you!