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COOLFLEX cooling or cold water pipe system

The COOLFLEX is a flexible, continuous, insulated cooling or cold water pipe system with a PE carrier pipe.

Operating temperature:  -20°C to +40°C*
Operating pressure: PN 16
Dimensions: DN 20–125
Carrier pipes: PE 100
Insulation: Polyurethane (PUR)

Application: Drinking water, district cooling and waste water pipes

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TypeNominal diamete Bending radiusmax. ring length
40/91321 1/40.80370570
50/91401 1/20.80370570
75/126652 1/21.00192291


COOLFLEX and COOLMANT benefit from our decades of experience with pre-insulated systems. The quality is reflected in the outstanding insulting performance.

Energy efficient

With small volumes, we achieve the very best insulation values thanks to the lowest possible thermal conductivity levels. The low losses reduce the energy consumption considerably and make district cooling with COOLFLEX and COOLMANT an investment that pays for itself in the long term.


The COOLFLEX and COOLMANT composite pipes are laid quickly and simply. The small outer diameter and long delivery lengths for COOLFLEX allow smaller trenches, meaning that building work can progress quicker.

The generous COOLFLEX installation lengths make it possible to span distances in smaller district cooling distribution systems without connections. The advantage? The fewer the connections, the less laying work required and the higher the safety of the system in operation.


A comprehensive selection of fully tight fittings is available for connecting the COOLFLEX and COOLMANT composite pipes to one another and to the technical systems within the system as a whole both securely and reliably. The extensive range covers electrofusion couplers, pipe couplings and screw fittings. Patented clip covers are used for post-insulation of the COOLFLEX pipe system. These provide perfect protection for branches. The covers can be installed extremely easily and quickly with clamps and are filled with insulating pentane polyurethane foam on-site.


The components of the COOLFLEX and COOLMANT system for creating efficient and safe district cooling networks are available from stock at short notice. The highly varied range of accessories has an ideal solution for every project. We can also deliver bespoke products extremely quickly. The high level of availability of the COOLFLEX and COOLMANT products increases the flexibility in the planning phase and prevents downtimes on the building site.

* Hot water applications with restricted service life and operating pressure (as per DIN 8074)