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Innovative Modular T-Press Fittings (available from Autumn 2024)

The new modular T-Press fittings in SDR11 offer the highest flexibility and are available in dimensions from 25 to 110 mm in all conceivable combinations. The fittings are distinguished by their unique connection of individual components: they are first screwed and then soft-soldered – entirely without O-rings or adhesives. This method ensures a secure and durable connection that withstands high temperatures and pressures.

Each individual fitting undergoes strict quality control, including a pressure test with air under water. Only in this way can a permanently tight connection be guaranteed without compromise. After successful testing, each fitting receives a certificate of inspection confirming its flawless function.

The materials used comply with the high standards of the Federal Environment Agency and are listed on its positive list. These tested materials guarantee the highest safety in all areas of application.

The new modular T-Press fittings set standards in terms of flexibility, safety, and hygiene. See for yourself the quality and versatility of these innovative products!