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The new star in the heating universe – FLEXSTAR

Highest flexibility with efficient heat output for heat pumps or local heating networks

The innovative FLEXSTAR low-temperature system from BRUGG Pipes is a pre-insulated pipe system with maximum flexibility and stability for heat pumps or local heating networks (with patented production process).

Large area of application:
- Heat pumps (air/water heat pumps)
- Local heating networks
- Door-to-door connection or renovations

  • BRUGG Pipes service for you:

- Pipe lengths or sets including accessories precisely tailored to your needs
- Support for your planning processes
- Worldwide sales network
- Worldwide product training and support
- Production standard according to EN 15632-2
- Quality standard according to ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001

You can find details about our new star here.

We look forward to your request.