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In a double team - CASAFLEX DUO and PREMANT DUO for the municipality of Sachseln

In the Swiss municipality of Sachseln, a district heating pipeline was laid near Lake Sarnersee for the local heating network. Our efficient CASAFLEX and PREMANT DUO pipes were used for the Flüelistrasse to ensure that the residents are supplied with sustainable energy in the future.  

Construction work began in March 2023 and is still ongoing, as the construction project is part of a larger heating network. As a pipe constructor, we have already realised several projects for the customer together with the engineering office. The aim of this project was to connect Flüelistrasse to an existing district heating network. The energy released for the district heating pipeline is obtained from the combustion of wood chips. 


As the Flüelistrasse connects the village of Sachseln with Flüeli-Ranft and the pilgrimage site there, it was important to minimise damage to the road. Our CASAFLEX and PREMANT DUO pipes have two inner pipes of the same size for the flow and return of thermal energy. As only one pipe was required per line instead of two, our fitters were efficient when laying the pipes. The biggest challenge in the construction project was installing the pipe at the Salzbrunnen bridge. Because the pipeline could not be installed above or below the bridge, it was necessary to attach it to the side of the Salzbrunnen bridge with special fastenings. 

Our CASAFLEX DUO pipe is extremely flexible and easy to lay. Thanks to its corrugated outer jacket, it easily realises tight bending radii and efficiently avoids obstacles. The rigid PREMANT DUO long-distance pipe can transport not only heating water but also domestic hot water, condensate and chemical products over long distances. In the DUO version, both pipe systems have two inner pipes each, allowing the pipes to be laid in a space-saving manner for future district heating projects.