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The FHK project in Warsaw near the Royal Castle

Brugg Systemy Rurowe Poland delivered in June 2020, two over 40m long pieces of the flexible preinsulated pipe – so called heating cable Flexwell FHK200/310 DN150, to the construction site of the district heating network near the Royal Castle in Warsaw (near Kubicki Arcades). The order was placed by Veolia Energia Warszawa S.A. 
The use of such solution came from the necessity of leading a new part of the district heating line DN150, which was to be a continuous (connection free) line running partly horizontally and then – up the steep (60 deg.) slope of the hill of the Royal Castle, in the existing heating channel. The additional difficulty was to change the pipeline direction not only vertically but also horizontally – at the same point.
The new part of the pipeline laid with use of the heating cable ends on top of the castle hill, entering the existing concrete chamber, where the further heat distribution takes place.
The Flexwell cable was delivered in required lengths 2 x 40,5m on an oversize drum of 4,5m of diameter. It was a so called special delivery, arranged and professionally served by the forwarding company Transport Piwiński (www.transportpiwinski.pl). The additional difficulty was a necessity of precise maneuvering of a long and wide truck in the historical area of the Old Town.
The main contractor, PHU Instaleks from Żyrardów (www.instaleks.pl) pulled both pieces of the Flexwell cable upwards with use of the mechanical lift. The service people of Brugg installed welded couplings on all ends of the cable.
Thanks to use of the Flexwell system in so untypical conditions the network owner (Veolia) can be sure about the multiannual trouble – free operation of the pipeline there.

MSc Eng Piotr Ciepielowski